Your First Symmetry Float

Get ready for true relaxation

Please arrive 10 - 15 minutes prior to your appointment time. We will greet you, offer a tour and answer any questions you may have. Our goal is to make you feel 100% welcome and relaxed.

Once you enter the float room you will remove all your clothes (swim-wear is fine) and all jewelry. The room is private and secure. There is a shower in the room for you to remove oils, fragrances and hair products. All shower and float essentials are provided for you.

After showering dry your face to avoid distraction from water droplets. Please Vaseline (provided for you) on any cuts or abrasions to avoid stinging from the salt water. Insert foam ear plugs and step into the tank.

Sit on the floor of the tank, push the large white button near the tank door, close the door and begin your session. The audio and lights will begin at that time and will help ease you into your experience. Lie back, resting your head in the water, legs extended and arms over your head or extended at your side. Your ears will be under the water line but your face will stay above it. After 10 minutes all stimulation will fade away and total sensory deprivation will begin.

Near the end of your session the lights and audio will gently fade on and a chime will sound when your session is complete. Exit the tank and shower again to remove any salty residue. Once dressed exit the room for our next floater. Relax in the front lounge area, enjoy tea or later or sit in our infinity massage chair.

Make sure to schedule your next session as you leave.



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